Uhr, clockwork boy

Uhr is a clockwork boy created for Dhiar by the Nockers. Although initially his purpose was to be a live display model, Dhiar fell in love with Uhr immediately.

Uhr is completely and utterly dedicated to Dhiar and similarly was in love with the Incubus from the moment he opened his eyes. One of his deeply-held goals is to become as suave and sexy as he sees Dhiar.

Since he was built by the Nockers, he picked up on some of their strange language, which seems to be heavily influenced by German accents, but it isn't exactly German. He is always curious and loves to learn, so he asks many questions and always tries to find out things whenever he can.


  • Uhr is a clockwork boy made of mythril and so does not have the weaknesses of humans. He must, however, be wound regularly because he is powered by enchanted clockwork. When he grows tired and needs winding, he becomes moody.
  • As far as Dhiar is concerned, whatever Uhr does and however he does it is completely endearing and enchanting. He could never deny Uhr anything.