Lanimaz, Djinn

Lanimaz is a Djinn and brother to Opaliz, who is the legitimate royal heir to the kingdom. When Rehzier takes over through forbidden, evil sorcery, it is Lanimaz that urges him to flee and accompanies him to do so. Unfortunately Lanimaz is only able to elude Rehzier for a short time and accidentally traps himself inside a lamp.

Joshua later acquires this lamp and Dhiar rubs it, freeing Lanimaz. The two discuss his story and the problem of Rehzier, and with Chana's help they are able to defeat the misguided magician.

It all ends happily, and Lanimaz is finally reunited with his brother.

Some time later, Lanimaz is sought out by Chana and the others left at Phantasies, when Dhiar is summoned away. He stays with them afterwards.


  • Lanimaz is able to teleport himself and those surrounding him for short distances.
  • He may transform his appearance into certain objects such as jewellery.
  • He knows various magic spells, and he was shown to know a light spell.
  • Lanimaz has the ability to track people through dimensions, although there are certain limitations.