Elves are a magical race, typically older than most other races of intelligent people on the worlds they inhabit. Often secretive and withdrawn, they tend to be more attuned to nature and, thus, more powerful in the ways of magic than most races.

Elves are generally tall and fair, with ears that taper to a gentle point. They may have iridescent eyes or exotic hair colours, or they may simply appear as exceptionally beautiful humans other than the ears. Elves are always graceful and attractive, typically embodying ideal forms.

The Elves in Hey Nonny-Ah! inhabit a grand and magical forest and have a Seer who protects and guides them.

Dhiar has commented that he finds abuse of Elves to be an unforgivable offence.

Because of some similar features, it has been put forth as a possibility that Elves and Demons may be related.