Joshua is pursued by the Trappers of Kroih and captured. Concerned about his lateness returning, Dhiar and Chana decide to look for him. Chana investigates the palace and meets Dzudz, who promptly helps her to enter into Overlord Dong Krang's harem, while Dhiar hits the bars and finds information about men from Kroih. Misunderstanding, he heads a one-man assault on the quarters of Duke Feirrysh, who is actually there in pursuit of the outlaw Trappers.

As Dhiar tries to make amends with the Duke and his men, Chana finds out that Joshua was delivered to Dong Krang by the Trappers and attempts to stage a rescue. Dzudz is sent to find Dhiar, and the Incubus arrives just in the nick of time to help his sister defeat a squadron of merciless robot guards. Chana stays to hold off the rest of the guards, while Dhiar hurries to the throne room to save Joshua. On the way, he liberates a dying winged man, tortured to the brink of oblivion by Dong Krang. Dhiar heals the winged man with his Incubus gifts, and the man tells Dhiar about Dong Krang's horrible evil, enslaving all of the planet for his wicked ambition.

Dzudz assists the Duke and his men with their assault on the palace, as Dhiar squares off against the evil Overlord. Although at first Dong Krang claims the advantage and draws first blood, he unwisely attempts to use Dhiar's whip against him. It backfires, and Dhiar shatters every bone in the sinister despot's hand, then knocks him out with a fist to the jaw.

Dhiar frees Joshua and enjoys a tender reunion, and the robot guards collapse without Krang's conscious mind to guide them.


  • This story is the first in which Dhiar actually shuts off his empathic link with others, for the sole reason that he intends to cause pain to someone.
  • Chana's marksmanship factors into the story on multiple occasions.
  • Dhiar shows his healing ability overtly for the first time.
  • Dhiar shows a very rare moment of anger and actually curses.
  • Many aspects, such as the narration, cliffhangers for every page, amusing titles, and so forth are intended as homage to science fiction serials of the past such as Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, and John Carter of Mars.
    • Overlord Dong Krang is a sort of homage to Ming the Merciless, foe of classic sci-fi hero Flash Gordon.
    • Chana's pose on pages 17 and 18 is an homage to Jean Rogers, who played Dale Arden in the original Flash Gordon serial.
  • Dzudz is a Melliferapian. The name of his planet and people is derived from Apis mellifera, the scientific name for honeybees.