Joshua brings back a lamp that he found in the market where Phantasies has appeared. Dhiar rubs it, producing Lanimaz, who tells them of the problem there: an evil sorceror named Rehzier has taken over the land, and his brother Opaliz is missing, having fled when Lanimaz did.

Joshua forms a plan just as Chana arrives to be a part of it. She goes to distract Rehzier, Dhiar departs to find and rescue Opaliz, and Joshua goes with Lanimaz to infiltrate the palace. Dhiar and Opaliz rendezvous, Opaliz and his personal guard Malion having successfully avoided Rehzier's attention up to then. They head to the palace, only to find that, just as Joshua arrives with Lanimaz, that Chana has already taken care of things.

Dhiar arranges a party afterwards, to celebrate the return of the proper royalty.


  • Dhiar's long ears make Lanimaz question if Dhiar is actually a Djinn.
  • Dhiar visibly employs his barbed whip.
  • Joshua assumes his lupine form, which includes a change in his eyes.
  • Chana demonstrates her talent at strategy, specifically backgammon.